a fanlisting

A fanlisting is a group of people who like something: i.e. a group of people who like wolves. All a fanlisting is is a list of fans to do with that particular person, item, or object; it joins together people with similar interests.


Sometimes a manga series, when adapted to anime, gets an anime only character: a character introduced for an additional arc, to prolong or to play for time. Sometimes, they're not so well received or written... and sometimes, you get yourself a Meiling.

I've been known to say Meiling is probably the best anime original character I've encountered, and I still think it, all this time later. She is a girl full of personality and a true rival - Syaoran softens incredibly quickly to Sakura, all things considered. She grows and matures, lets the person she loves most go and immediately assists in helping him to pursue his own happiness, even if it's not with her... and it is perhaps the greatest, most satisfying venture for Meiling to end up liking Sakura as a person too. I waited a long time for Meiling to work up the nerve to ask to call Sakura "Sakura-chan", and Clear Card delivered on a fifteen year old thought I hadn't even fully entertained. She comes so far, and I'm always delighted by Meiling whenever I rewatch Cardcaptor Sakura, which is quite regularly.

I'm glad she was introduced. I can't imagine my Cardcaptor Sakura experience without her. ♥