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koe no katachi

A 2016 animated movie by Kyoto Animation, Koe no Katachi / A Silent Voice is the story of Shouya, a high school student who attempts to befriend Shouko, as part redemption for him bullying her as a child.

Or, that's the two sentence premise that Netflix will tell you, at least: Koe no Katachi is far more than that, and that concept really undersells it. To paraphrase my letterboxd review, I didn't expect this to be about two people who wanted to die, that Shouya would fail to take his life in the first few opening minutes, that this entire movie was about the aftermath of even entertaining such a thought... that even though you've decided to stay alive, you're only surviving. It's a very personal feeling, and very true to what I've felt for myself: just because you decide, over time, that yes, you will try to be better in all meanings of the word, it doesn't happen instantly. It takes time to feel and allow yourself to live again, to feel self worth, and Koe no Katachi captures that beautifully.

Needless to say, this is a film that is very close and dear to my heart, one that I'm glad I stumbled upon and went for despite Netflix's sell which didn't entirely do it for me. I've also said all this without mentioning its soundtrack, which is exactly my aesthetic and was doing so much for me that I barely registered until my second viewing, caught up more in the narrative the first time. It's a wonderful film, and one I would recommend everyone to give a chance.